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Welcome to WoodPlup

Over 9 Years Experience in This Industry

Woodpulp, an Initiative by a team of experienced engineers to serve woodWorkers with world class products putting every sense of technicality into manufacturing. With a Vision to promote Eco-Friendly lifestyle Woodpulp brings you range of particle board which adheres to international quality standards of Board and Lamination

Sourcing wood and fiber from sustainably managed forests leads to a range of environmental benefits. But it’s still important to get the most paper and board possible from every tree harvested. With our enzymes, you can upgrade the papermaking potential of fiber. Unlocking its full potential in this way reduces pressure on forests. It also lowers the amount of wood or fiber you use per ton of product. This in turn makes final board products lighter, with no compromise on strength. That reduces the overall CO2 footprint of the transport sector. This is especially important in light of the rapid growth of global e-commerce.

About Us


  • Quality Assurance by state of the art Manufacturing facility.

  • In House Glue preparation system for better quality & consistency. High IB value Leads to better,"Screw holding strength". Made from:100% fresh wood,Saves tooling cost."

  • A pure melamine coating leads to ,"moisture scratch & Fade"resistant lamination property. HPL like high abrasion resistant surface finish.

How We Work

Log Storage
Convert into Chips and Chips to Flakes.
Drying the flakes to the desired moisture level.
Screening the dried flakes into Core and Face.
Gluing them with high quality resin.
Preparing the Matt and Hot pressing it for final curing.
Sanding and Sizing the cured panel.

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